Operation: Read It Again! Delivering Dreams...

 One dollar can buy one book and make an Afghan child's dream come true. The books will be printed in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. They will be written in the  native languages of Afghanistan (Pashto and Dari). Once the books are printed they are packed up and delivered by U.S.A. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The books are mostly delivered in the Panjshir area. All the books are native Afghan fables, wich are provided by Hoopoe Books, an imprint of The Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge (www.ishk.net). For about 95% of the kids this will be they're first book that they have ever owned.

                                                             "The Dream"

Here is the Provinicial Reconstruction Team Panjshir personally delivering the books to Afghan children.
 We imagine the joy the children will have to own their very first book and hear "Read It Again!" from their siblings, parents, and extended family. Just one dollar can bring a child that dream. Remember, for 95% of the children this will be the first book they have ever owned, and they may well be the same tales their grandparents recognize from their own childhood.